Optical 2½D TPS400 type testing system

The specialist system for type differentiation of round components


  • Designed for components with a maximum diameter of 400 mm and a height up to 70 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Maintenance friendly thanks to modular design, toolless exchange of components - in a few simple steps
  • LED ring lighting for perfect illumination
  • Inclusion of the height profile by using a line lasers
  • Designed for installation above the conveyor belt / component repository
  • Protected by a stainless steel cover
  • Stationary or operable whilst being able to be moved
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Small space requirement
Type testing system TPS400 with housing (stainless steel cover shown transparent).

The TPS400 type testing system in an encased state (stainless steel cover shown transparent).

This is how the test is done

Procedure for testing

  • After depositing, the 1st - recording takes place with the integrated ring flash lighting
  • After that, a 2nd - recording will be created using an activated line laser for acquiring the height profile
  • The acquired component contours and component identification are compared with the data for the stored component types
  • The test result is transmitted to the PLC
  • Further test data are saved locally, if needed, or sent
Type testing based on component markings, component contours and height profiles for friction ring blanks.

Type test based on component identification and component contours for friction ring blanks.

All features at a glance

What we test

  • Embossed identification from about 0.3 mm embossing depth
  • 2D component contours
  • Height profile using line lasers

What we use to do the testing

  • Cognex smart camera
  • Specially developed ring lighting
  • An application-specific software tool
  • Additional software tools for data and parameter handling
  • Interchangeable hardware components without new parameterisation

Technical data and dimensions

Dimensions (HxWxD): 660mm x 560mm x 560mm
Space requirement for static operation: 740mm x 560mm x 560mm
Space requirement for dynamic operation: 740mm x 1120mm x 560mm
Interface: Ethernet
Power supply: 24V=
Smart camera: Cognex
Ring flash: LED (red)
Laser: Line laser (660nm)
The modular design of the TPS400 enables tool-free component replacement with just a few simple steps.

The modular design of the TPS400 makes toolless exchange of components possible - in a few simple steps.

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