Optical coordinates measuring instrument

The components to be measured are automatically inserted into the component retainers, and clamped.

Reference bodies, which were measured previously, are installed on the three measurement points of the component retainers.

The positions and distances of the reference bodies are thus known among each other, and form the measurement reference for the components being measured.

This system, which is designed as an inline measurement system, scans and evaluates points on the component on up to four component types, and visualises the result on the system PC.

The lengths and distances gained from the x-, y- and z-coordinates are compared with the stored component dimensions, and evaluated - component type for component type.

System PC with measurement data visualisation

If the calculated dimensions exceed or fall below the nominal dimensions, then a digital NOK signal will be transmitted from the system PC to the system control (PLC).

The components evaluated as defective are deposited on the NOK conveyor, and removed.

All created data for each component, and their error patterns, are displayed on the system PC, and saved.

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