General image processing

Contactless measuring, checking and monitoring of parts and components

The most frequent quality assurance tasks in industrial image processing are presence and shape checking.

With the software for the offered Visio sensors and camera systems, standardised, extensively tested and easy-to-use sensors - with additional tools for statistical analysis, documentation and simulation - are available for a more reliable image processing solution.

A selection of smart 3D sensors and cameras from different manufacturers.


Whether during quality control in the course of ongoing production or as an autarkic measuring station, the options for image processing systems are manifold.

It should be noted that the shape of the test objects, the number of features being tested, the production speed and the ambient conditions can change with each assigned task.

This is why the choice of correct components is of great importance.

The components on offer include various types of CCD/CMOS cameras, optics for the very different measurement tasks, plus a multitude of various illumination elements.

At the end of the day, it is a straightforward optical measurement system for the user.

Basic components

Minimum configuration

  • Intelligent camera system
  • Lens
  • Lighting
  • I/O cables for the control and check signals from and to the production machine
  • Power supply for the camera system


  • Control monitor for permanent visualisation of the test sequence

It is possible to implement a multitude of measurement and test tasks with minimum configuration of the above-mentioned components.

Intelligent camera system WT4038


  • Measuring geometries
  • Measuring angles
  • Checking parts and components
  • Monitoring contours of samples
  • Checking surfaces

Depending on the task assigned, one or several measurements - or tests, too - can be executed simultaneously.

This will depend crucially on the type of precision required, the measuring tolerances to be complied with, the complex specifications of samples or shapes, and the clock frequencies used in the production machine.

The size of the objects being assessed starts in the millimetre range and ends in the meter range.

The assigned task and its feasible solution is the measure of all things.


3D scanning sensor

On the basis of our extensive experience and increasing expertise in the field of hardware and software engineering, we have extended our product portfolio with excellent, standardised products from the fields of 3D scanning.

Presence monitoring and 3D dimensional checking

The 3D laser scanning system, VC Nano-3D, from Vision Components, offers robust, standardised solutions for the field of presence monitoring and 3D dimensional checking.

The sensor combines straightforward presence monitoring with high-precision dimensional checking for positions, diameters, clearances, axial directions, angles and random shapes.

VC Nano 3D

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