Data-Matrix-Code (DMC)

Reading, comparing, checking, ensuring quality - reliably tracking components

The ISO standardised data matrix code can be used to allow, for example, item numbers or batch numbers, the date of manufacture or expiry date and other important production data to be applied and read on small parts.

Regardless of whether pins are used, printing or lasers, whether on plastic, paper or metal, the DMC - thanks to its compact and redundant design - can be used almost anywhere and read out data simply by using the intelligent "VisiCube" camera system.

Straightforward data handling using the digital IOs and the Ethernet interface facilitate communication to the system control.


Technical data for VisiCube

Sensor: 1/4", 640 (H) x 480 (V) Pixel
Shutter: High-speed: up to 36.2 µsec in stages of 62.4 µsec Low-speed: up to 2 sec adjustable integration time
Integration: Progressive Scan
Frame rate: 32 fps processor:
Image reproduction: By 100 Mbit Ethernet to PC
Frame memory- / data memory: 32 MBytes SDRAM
Flash memory: 4 MBytes Flash EPROM (non-volatile memory) for programs and data; can be programmed in the system
Dig. I/O's: 2 inputs / 4 outputs opto-uncoupled 24V, outputs 4 x 400mA
Interfaces: Ethernet 100 Mbit TCP/IP and RS422
Operating voltage: 24V +/-20% DC, max. 200mA
Electrical connections: Device plug M12/8-pole, Ethernet M12/8-pole, process M12/5-pole
Device protection class:: IP 65/67
Dimensions (height x width x depth): 65mm x 45mm x 45mm
Weight: ca. 170g

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