Compact Scanner / Quality Scanner LTSK1000 ID and LTSK1000 HD


  • Up to 1000Hz scanning rate at full scan width, with reduced scan width up to 4000Hz
  • Hygiene-Design case (LTSK1000 HD) or case made of anodized aluminum (LTSK1000)
  • Optional with additional RGB-camera and lighting for detection of contaminant

Compact Scanner

  • Track definition
  • Geometric data
  • Volume determination
  • Track-oriented cross-section profile detection
  • Length determination of portions and products

Quality Scanner

  • Determination of quantities (counting)
  • Track determination of products
  • Capturing of geometric data
  • Recognition of filling height
  • Picker data
  • Format recognition
  • Assesment of appearence
  • Detection of contaminant

Packaging Control

  • Differentiation of packagings
    • by imprinted pictures
    • by codes
    • by labels
  • Reading codes like DMC, EAN or QR
  • Reading text (OCR)
  • Detection of position and orientation of imprints and labels
  • Checking quality and readability of imprints and labels

Technical Data

Dimensions LTSK1000 HD:340 mm x 89 mm x 100mm
Dimensions LTSK1000 ID:267 mm x 136 mm x 56 mm
Working range Z:333...572 mm
Measuring Range Z:239 mm
Working range X:247...421 mm
Standard resolution Z:381...581 μm
Standard resolution X:286...436 μm
Sampling rate:500-1000 Hz
Sensor:CMOS-Sensor 1440 x 1024
Laser class:3R measuring mode, 2M setup mode,
optional 2M measuring mode
Weight:3.3 kg (HD-Version)
Material casing:Stainless steel / POM (LTSK1000 HD)
Anodized aluminum (LTSK1000)
Power supply:24 V=, max 300 mA
Electrical connectors:1 x Ethernet 1 Gbit, 2 x dig. IN, 4 x dig. OUT
1 x Fast Trigger differential IN / OUT-Signal
Input differential incremental encoder
Operating temperature:0° C - 55° C
Resolution optimization through
„Best Fit“ and „CAD-Matching“:
Factor 3-10

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