Volumetric body determination for the food sector

Our scanning systems work on the principle of laser triangulation.

Asynchronous scanning makes it possible to reconstruct a 3D body from multiple scans taken at different times.

This is useful if

  • an object needs to be scanned from different angles because of its complexity
  • the recording situation makes simultaneous (synchronous) scanning from multiple angles difficult

A special feature of our scanning systems is the option to associate recorded 3D information with color information.

In addition to volume determination, further product properties can be checked simultaneously!

Scan A
Scan B
Scans A + B

Scanning image A

Captured from the front of the object. Data from the back is not present due to occlusion.

Scanning image B

Captured from the back of the object. Similary to scanning image A, data from the object's back is missing due to occlusion.

Composition of scanning images A + B

By linking the two scan images, a 3D body is assembled. In this example, only the support surface of the object remains hidden.

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