Portion deposit control for the packaging of cold cuts


The housing of the LTSK 1000 in Hygienic-Design is made of POM / stainless steel and meets the requirements of protection class IP69K - optimal protection against dust and water are thus ensured.
The LTSK1000 HD permanently withstands high-pressure and steam jet cleaning.

LTSK1000 HD - Vorderseite
LTSK1000 HD - Rückseite

Full control for your portion placement

A whole range of criteria goes into the evaluation of the portion deposit:

Snippet Detection

Snippet Detection




Rotational Position

Rotational Position

Filling Height

Filling Height

NOTICE: In the case of non-thermoformed foils, defined target areas and the spaces between them are used for evaluation instead of the foil trays.


Your Benefits

By deriving statistics from the data obtained, conclusions can also be drawn about the quality of prior processes.
The localization of error sources is simplified, as is the verification of the effectiveness of corrective measures.

Your Options

  • Manual error correction
  • Automatic corrections through targeted agitation mechanisms
  • Separation of portions with contamination of the sealing areas
  • Automatic corrections to optimize depositing positions


Key Features

  • Overlap and snippet detection for reliable sealing.
  • Functions can be flexibly adapted by parameterization via own GUI.
  • For mounting heights from 320 mm to 802 mm and conveyor widths up to 660 mm.*
  • Format set lengths up to 900 mm.
  • Inspection range in depth of up to 30 mm.**
  • For sliced products such as ham, cheese, salami and boiled sausage.***
  • Adaptable for a wide range of moulded tray contours.
  • Suitable for transparent foils, other foil types will be tested for you on request.
  • Product groupings can also be tested on the conveyor belt before insertion into the packaging.
  • Also suitable for not thermoformed foils.

   * Applies to an installation height of at least 561 mm above the product stream.
  ** Higher portions / deeper trays can be tested, provided that a test of the uppermost 30 mm is sufficient.
*** Basically no restriction in the choice of product.

Technical Data LTSK1000 HD

Dimensions:339 mm x 89 mm x 100 mm
Weight:3,3 kg
Material Housing:Edelstahl / POM
Sensor:CMOS-Sensor 1440 x 1024
Protective Rating:IP69k
Operating temperature:0° C - 55° C
Power Supply:24 V=, max 300 mA
Connectors:1 x Ethernet 1 Gbit, 2 x dig. IN, 4 x dig. OUT
1 x Fast Trigger differenziell als IN / OUT-Signal
Differentieller Eingang Inkrementalgeber
Laser Class:2M

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