Student research projects

We are interested in unusual and new things, and offer the scope and opportunities for this.

In addition to this, we regularly offer technical college and technical university students innovative themes from our field of work in applied image processing:

3D position and location detection for robot applications

  • Robot path control
  • Object detection
  • Movement optimisation
  • 3D object detection
  • 3D calibration
  • Multi camera systems
  • Scanning systems

Quality assessment with cameras

  • Statistics
  • Classification
  • Adapting to varying boundary conditions
  • Monitored and unmonitored machine learning
  • Fault definition
  • Quality definition

Measurement definitions using camera systems for high-precision inline measurements

  • Machine and measuring equipment ability
  • Data analysis and display
  • Robust and anomaly-tolerant probing
  • Adjustment of optical sampling points using mechanical reference points
  • Calibration processes
  • Application-specific solutions

Functional verification and system check for camera systems

  • Product and requirement specifications
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Reference and master parts
  • System monitoring on the basis of control and process data
  • Analysis of parameter effects

Construction of the optics and lighting system

  • Lighting basics
  • Optical basics
  • Design and construction of lighting systems
  • Design and construction of optical elements

Camera, lighting and signalling electronics

  • Embedded systems
  • FPGA programming
  • Testing new camera technologies available on the market
  • Layouts for lighting control
  • Special components for the sequence control
  • Multi camera systems

Think tank

Progress starts with everything that is new and unusual. But sometimes you need to be able to carry out experiments. W&T offers the scope and opportunities to do so.

Did we spark your interest, or do you have your own topic that you would like to introduce us to? Get in touch with us now!


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