Pick & place - Application

Stationary 3D detection system

The SKG500 image processing system is a non-robot linked, fixed-in-place 3D detection system designed for the optical detection of brake discs and friction rings in heavy-duty containers.

As in the robot-controlled scanning system, LTSOT500, the network of system control, the robot control system and the SKG500 detection system is also used here to implement "Bin picking".

In addition, we have on offer (especially for round components) the 2½D type testing system, TPS400, which carries out type differentiation based on component contours, component identification and the component height profile.

  • Evaluation of contours of the uppermost position for brake discs (components)
  • Only exposed brake discs are removed
  • Targeted removal of brake discs thanks to exact position detection
  • No accidental removal of several brake discs
  • Determination of component orientation and lateral position
  • Position-oriented unloading to secondary stations, e.g. station for type control


Robot-controlled scanning systems


Bin picking

The robot moves over the area where the transport container/the crate is "normally" standing, and determines the position of the transport container or the crate using the "crate scan". The "crate scan" is used to determine displacements relative to the taught-in reference position, and then to send the data to the system control. The "container positional data" are now known to the robot; all following measurements relate to these positional data. A plane scan is carried out using the command exchange between the robot and scanning system, whereby the uppermost component position to be scanned is determined firstly via automatic tracking in z-direction. A list of positions, which is then used by the robot for further individual scans, is created using the found components. The exact component position in x-, y- and z-direction is measured with each individual scan; after this is done, the coordinates are transferred to the robot for precision removal.


Pick & place applications

The scanner systems in the LTSOT500 series are integral parts of robot grippers.The robot moves over the entire component or relevant sections during its "orientation run".

The areas are scanned using a line laser. After that, a 3D reference profile is created in accordance with the triangulation principle.


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