Inner thread checking

New all-in-one system for checking the internal thread

By looking at sections of the internal thread, our new test system checks for the presence of the threads, whereby these are also counted. It is suitable both for testing threads in blind holes as well as for
through-hole threads , whereby in the case of through-hole threads, the thread run-out is looked at - the part of the thread whose quality at first decreases due to wear in the thread cutter.

Coarse impurities are also detected. The sensor equipped with the technology from Vision Components needs 10 milliseconds for a test including recording and evaluation; the cycle time is thus only limited by the feed and positioning of the test objects. Thread sizes from M5 to M12 can be tested without changes to the hardware.

The test is carried out from a safe and variable distance from the object, at a minimum distance of 100mm. This makes the retrofitting of production lines very easyusing not only our test system - but also through the generous positioning tolerances of ± 1mm (x, y) on the component and ± 2° (tilting), and through suitable installation accessories from our accessories programme.

The adjustment of the evaluation to varying thread sizesis made in exactly the same way as the setting of the lighting for various thread materials and the precision adjustment for the positioning - i.e. conveniently using thesupplied GUI


Wear-free testing of internal threads, contactless and in real time. The image processing systems used evaluate the internal threads, without having to be plunged into them. At the same time, internal threads that are not present, incomplete internal threads or internal threads that are cut irregularly, plus production residues such as chips, are also detected.
Owing to the optics and lighting systems adapted to the situation, relevant sections or the complete internal thread, too, will be recorded and evaluated by the intelligent camera system where needed.
It often suffices to evaluate sections of internal threads. If this does not suffice, then the complete internal thread will be checked for faults.The type of application for the camera systems used and the software used is not suitable for measurement tasks.

Checking the internal thread by testing sections of the thread

It often suffices for a quality statement for the internal thread to just check one section.

Defective thread flanks, large pieces of chips or even tool breakage are reliably detected from this recording angle.

The manual visual check is comparable with this technology.

Checking the internal thread by testing the complete internal thread

If higher demands are placed on the quality of an internal thread, then it will not suffice just to check sections.

For example, defective thread flanks or even small chips might be overlooked.

However, the complete internal thread is recorded here, so that faults such as these that might occur during a visual check are ruled out.

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