Key areas of activity

"Bin picking"; measuring the position and orientation in 3 dimension

The loading robot moves with the integrated LTSOT500-SD scanning system over the transport container or the crate, and uses the one-off plane scan and each individual scan to determine the exact component position in x-, y- and z-direction.

The coordinates determined are transferred to the robot for precision removal.

Optical presence monitoring, dimensional accuracy and weld seam quality control

Our robot-controlled LTSK500 scanning system checks that welded on or screwed on components are present in complex assemblies, it checks geometric shapes for size accuracy, and evaluates weld seams (e.g. for their presence and seam position) and thus provides extra safety in vehicle construction.

Internal thread detection, shape and sample recognition.

Our image processing systems can detect specific features such as shape, colour and sample, e.g. during quality control in the ongoing production process, in the automatic controlling and regulating of mechanical processes and in the automation of measuring and control procedures.

Food sector

Prior to cutting process, our image processing systems define the surfaces of naturally grown products, e.g. ham, and then transfer the values to the Slicer control system for setting the slice thickness.

We also define the volume for naturally grown products (prior to the cutting process) using the triangulation principle.

This ensures less waste and thus a higher product yield during the slicing process.

Our products are not just involved in the slicing process directly, but also at the heart of conveying and packing lines.

This where we optically determine the orientation and position of sliced products, and pass the data on to the handling robot or to the conveyor control systems for precision processing.

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